Friday, April 30, 2010

Too busy to blog??

Let's see, now.  How does that little ditty go? "Thirty days has September; APRIL, June and whatever..."  Yeah.  O.K.  Got it! So tomorrow is May Day.  That date seemed like it was so far away when we first decided to start the process of moving to Hyderabad. Now it's almost here.  With a vengeance, too.  Well, it didn't exactly sneak up on us, because we've actually been able to get a ton of preparation out of the way.  It's just hard to contemplate the time remaining until you actually see the month of May on a calendar.  Amy wants me to add something to today's "Honey-do List" - I need to go to Staple's and buy us one of those big planning desk-calendars so we can write down the dozens of things (both little and big ones!) that still need to get done as next month begins to wind-down.  I think we are "ahead of the wave", so-to-speak.  The second of two moving-companies comes today at 4:00 P.M. to do a "survey" of the stuff we are shipping to Hyderabad ... and the remaining stuff that will be going into storage. 

There's actually not much left in the house, to be honest.  We got rid of so much stuff already - - most of the furniture that we owned (and that we are sure we didn't want to come home to anyway)....all went off to The Huntington Collection - a consignment furniture shop here in town that benefits Huntington Memorial Hospital.  Honestly...I'm surprised they didn't recognize the furniture when they came with a truck to take it away to sell...most of our stuff came from there originally anyway!! 

A ton of stuff (probably not an exaggeration!) went over to Out of the Closet, the charity which benefits AIDS Project Los Angeles and the AIDS Health Care Foundation.  With every donation, I remember Louie Vasquez, my parishioner and friend who died from that horrible disease.

On a much lighter note...Amy Suzzanne had a funny experience yesterday.  She took yet another load of our "treasures" over to Out of the Closet on her way to work.  They were just opening for the day, and when she walked in with the first load... she found one of the guys who works there, sitting with his feet up in a comfy recliner, reading a People Magazine (one that Amy brought to them the day before) - and watching our old Zenith T.V.!!  Aims said that it still didn't have a price-tag on's now probably an in-house favorite.  It always did have a great picture!

Speaking of T.V.'s - I cancelled our DirectTV subscription this morning.  Gasp!!  We really are moving, aren't we?!?  As it turns out, our satellite boxes are so out of date that they don't want them back!!  I wonder what kind of satellite T.V. we will have in Hyderabad??  That will have to remain one of the great mysteries of life until we arrive.  I wonder what kind of 3D-HD stuff will be available when we get back?? 

We got some more of our last vaccinations yesterday.  I got two....Amy only got one.  They didn't have any lollipops, so I went to Luck Baldwin's for a beer aftarwards.  I was feeling a lttle bit depressed because my Highland Tinker's group is having their 17th Annual Triathlon (Golf, Pool and Poker) in Austin, TX beginning today...and I couldn't see going with all we have going on here with the move.  I needed to make a few "I love you, man!" calls....and Lucky's seemed like the perfect place to call from.  Amy and I have to go back to the clinic in two-weeks to get our final shots.  Oh, yeah...lest we forget...Beloved needs her shots, too...and an examination for her International Health Certificate for travel. 

Today, after I go to the gym, I'm going to tackle the attic-space upstairs and next to my office.  I've got books to organize and put in boxes...some belong to the Diocese, so I need to keep them separate.  I'm going to take a couple of boxes full over to St. Mary's for safe-keeping.

That's it for today.  One-day-at-a-time we're getting there!

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  1. You probably don't remember my uncle Terrence Smith who attended St. Mary's (you might have started there after he died), but he died of AIDS complications. Thank you for supporting APLA...sister Jenn and I walked many walkathons for them and Uncle Terry.