Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is Tomorrow...In India...

Ah.  The things I am already learning!! Amy Suzzanne and I have been corresponding with a nice lady in India all week.  It is she who is in charge of helping us get our Indian Visas and other travel documentation squared away. I just now got this e-mail Auto Response from her office - and I thought it was verrrrry interesting!!

It said:  "Note: Our office will be closed on Friday 2nd April, 2010 in observance of Good Friday being a Public Holiday in India. We will resume regular business on Monday, 5th April, 2010."

That is just amazing to me. Here we have a country that is at most 4% Christian .... and yet Good Friday is a public Holiday in India. I guess they don't have an ACLU chapter there!!  YET!

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