Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slumdog Techno Nerds...

I was e-mailing with a dear friend this morning...and, I used the term "LP" with reference to "The Slider" by T.Rex (1972).  I fully realize that I am dating myself when I say stuff like that. Sheesh...I still call them "albums" for God's sake!! I probably always will!

Today I found out just how far behind the times I REALLY am...

I'm talking to wife Amy Suzzanne earlier...and she told me that she really wants to "listen to some music" when we leave on the plane for Hyderabad.

She asked me what I thought was the best way to "play some tunes".

I said..." know that I still use CD's and my old Sony Walkman...but - if you want to come out of the Stone probably need to get an iPod for downloading MP3's..."

There was a pause.  "Ummmm....O.K...."  Then she asked me if I know how to do that.

I said "Heck no!!"

"But can you figure out how they work, right?"

Not wanting to sound completely lame...I felt like imitating Tim Allen in "Home Improvement" "Grunt grunt grunt" "Yeah...I guess."  You have to remember...some of my music is still on cassette tapes!!  Maybe even 8-tracks!!  I think the latest new "album" I bought was David Bowie's "Young Americans" LP!

So she said: "O.K., then.  Why don't go out to some place that sells electronics and get one... and we'll just see if we like it."

"Ummm... OK.  So.... errrr ... What color do you want?  They come in different colors, I think..."

"Get a blue one..."

"O.K." I said.  "I think they have blue...." I'm stuck in traffic on Melrose Ave., looking for a Best Buy...I start thinking..."Hey..wait a minute!!"

And then I call her at the office...

"Hey, have an iPhone, don't you...?"


I said, "Because I think that an iPhone has an iTunes application and your phone probably has more space on it for music than any iPod would..."

She said "Wow.  Really...? Hang on. Let me look.  Ummmm....Hey!! Yeah!! iTunes!!"

Lord have mercy!!  We are such Neanderthals!!!

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