Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long distance house-hunting...

An exciting new chapter has opened.  We are now officially "looking for a house" in Hyderabad.  This whole "putting Beloved in a kennel" thing (yeah, right!) got us to thinking - perhaps we don't want to live in a hotel for the first month...maybe we will try to get some leads on the local housing situation and do some of our "looking" from here. 

Yesterday I drove downtown to Amy's office.  It was Beloved's Third Birthday - and she (Amy) was having a particularly stressful day.  A little dog-love always calms us down (we call it "the best part of every day!") and sets all things right with the world.  The three of us sat down and started a little family-meeting there in the courtyard at Cal Plaza, right by the Starbucks.  We bought some coffee and looked at the current situation.  Since the "Beloved Problem" has come up... maybe we need a change in plans.  We've been saying all along that flexability is going to be the key to our sucess in India.  Perhaps we need to start now.  We thought out-loud: "Just maybe something will come about if we simply put the word "out there" that we are looking for a place .... and we'll see what happens." sure didn't take long.  We found out that of Amy's collegues will be leaving India soon to come home...and he has been living for the last two years in what everybody says is a super nice house near Banjara Hills!!  AND....  It's going to be available (are you ready? God is really watching out for us!) "in the middle of May"!!

Here are some pics that were sent to us by the owner.  It seems that "everybody" is right about this place...what an incredible looking home!!  It's supposed to be near shopping and great places to eat...but traffic is something that you always need to consider when talking about Hyderabad! (Hey!! ...we're from L.A. - we invented traffic jams!!) 

Somehow seeing pictures makes all of this seem so much more real.  It sometimes leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.  Is this really happening??  This is really a huge move for us, leaving family, friends, horses, neighbors, church ... and it seems that every single day there is something new to plan or think about. 

I'm sure glad that we are a Team of Three!! certainly looks as if we're going to have at least one guest bedroom....who is going to be the first to come and visit us?? 

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