Monday, October 3, 2011

Golf Update - and an APOLOGY !!

FIRST OF ALL...THE APOLOGY: I have been neglecting this blog...I have been relying on Facebook too much for my social-networking needs and I realize that many readers of this blog are not Facebook Friends.  If you are not... send me a request.  There is a link to my Facebook page on this blog!  I promise to catch up soon...Amy Suzanne goes to the U.S. for some Deloitte training in Dallas, so I'll have time on my hands later in the month...  Until then, here is a golf-update from Hyderabad:

It seems that my "Race to 100 Rounds in a Year" has hit a slight road-block....or at least a really big puddle in the road.

Hyderabad's yearly monsoon season ends traditionally on 1 October - - and we've had two days of pretty steady rains since turning the calendar page over.

I played in an interesting men's club tournament on Saturday (I play with the Flintstones Men's Golf Club at Boulder Hills in Gachibowli - we're called the Flintstones because our course looks just like a movie-set for "Bedrock Country Club" - see photo below) - - the format was "flags". You carried your "flag" (really just an 6x4 colored index-card with your name on it) as far as you could; you are given 75% of your handicap and those strokes are added to par-72 to give you the maximum strokes allotted until you have to "place your flag". I hit my limit just before the 17th green. I wasn't the first one out...there was on on the 15th, a couple on the 16th and one on the 17th tee-box. LOTS of people "went out" on the guy in my group got to the greenside-bunker on #18. Our 18th hole is a 622-yard par-5 monster with the third shot over water.

Only one guy carried his "flag" all the way to the clubhouse. Which was a very good thing, because in our discussions about how to break ties...I casually mentioned that if there were two or more players who finished their round with their flags in-hand...I'd eat them all! Whew! This group would have held me to my word! I think they would have bought me beers to help wash them down!

So, I stand at 91 rounds...nine more rounds to be completed by the end of the month. I will try to get out Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. Monsoons permitting, that is!