Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update....48 days and counting!!'s really happening. Aims signs the offer on Monday and it's now 48-days until we leave for our "look-see" recon mission to Hyderabad. We're going to have to have somebody house-sit for Beloved (she's not going for "Round One") while we're gone. This will be the trip where we look at houses and get the lay o' the land...I will also lay the groundwork for getting a work visa so I can apply for some sort of "day job" while we're there. You didn't think I was going to play golf and cricket every day, did you??

This will be the blog we use to update our lives for all of our dear friends who remain state-side. Bookmark it now. I'll be in charge of documenting our lives in India...I'll keep up as best I can with photos and videos - I will know a lot more about Internet connections, etc. in India after the recon trip.

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