Monday, March 29, 2010

Opposites attract....

They say that "opposites attract".  IMHO, that's actually one of the surest keys to a successful marriage.  Husband and wife should have different temperments, talents and convictions...and sometimes completely opposite personalities and interests...and that keeps thing fresh.

It's certainly been that way in my marriage to Amy Suzzanne.  We will be, God-willing, celebrating both our 12th and 13th wedding anniveraries on the other side of the globe.  I think we are approaching the cultural side of this adventure in completely different manners as well.  I think I'll be the one to pour myself into the local culture...I'll be the one to eat in wonderful new places for the first time (and probably the first one to get Delhi-Belly, but we pray that does not happen!), the virst one to "go native" and buy a "kurta" to wear around town.  I can't wait for the first few Sundays...I want to go to a Syro-Malabar Rite Mass and see what all the churches in town are like (I don't think there is a TAC parish in Hyderabad.  Amy...she'll do what she always does to relax...she'll be a regular every weekend at the Hyderabad Riding and Polo Club.  And, as always, I'll be her biggest fan!) 

I have to say that, now that we are actually preparing for the move and are down to just one car, one of the major differences between Amy Suzzanne and I is the way we approach "time".  I'm the kind of person that would rather be an hour early than one-minute late!! 

We were 30 minutes early for our vaccinations appointment last week.  She gave me a look when we discovered that the clinic was closed for lunch that could've melted steel.  Thank goodness there was a Wells Fargo branch around the corner so she could get one of her errands done!!

I got her to the airport on Friday afternoon an hour before her flight was due to take off.  That IS what the airlines recommend, isn't it?  An hour before the flight?  Amy is usually the type who runs to the jetway and is the very last person to board the plane - and still looks unfrazzled.  You know the type.  I generally stare daggers at people who do this.  If she misses the flight (and she rarely does, actually!) - - well, there's always another one coming.  She'll probably wait until the last minute to book that one as well.

I was on my way home from dropping her off so early at the Burbank Airport ... when Amy text-ed me: "You're killing me here!  I haven't been on time for two things in the same week in...forever!!"  Later, she said that she had never gotten on a Southwest flight and actually had a choice of seats...and she was all confused about where to sit.

I think the best thing to do is to let Amy be Amy...she functions a lot better on her timing than mine!!

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