Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank You, Deloitte!!!

I'm feeling particularly grateful this evening.

We've really just begun the process, and I'm beginning to see that the amount of planning and work that goes into an 8700-mile journey to the other side of the world can become a bit of a logistical Sudoku puzzle. Everything has to line up and add up just right for it to work! There are law firms handling passports and visas, Deloitte people (on both sides of the globe!) working on making our journey as smooth as possible. Any assistance we need...all we have to do is ask!!

But the most amazing thing? I guess it may not be truly "amazing" to those who work for Deloitte...a firm that is always listed among the Fortune Magazine "100 Best Companies to Work For". But from my outsider-looking-in point of view, the generosity of the company is simply phenomenal!!

Amy and I got all of our travel vaccinations for India today (see yesterday's blog) - and, honestly, it was not at all a horrible experience...Kudos to "The Healthy Traveler" clinic in Pasadena!! But, for the both of us, the final bill came to just under $2,000.00!!

TWO GRAND!!! Now I know why I've never travelled very much!! Well - - to be honest, they don't make you get shots to go to Scotland, Ireland or England!! But still... that's still a lot of money!! At least to me it is!! Heck, there were times in my life where $2,000.00 was a fortune. I bought my first car for $1,200.00!! seems that we are getting reimbursed for so much stuff. Everything we could think of is being covered by the firm. They are making this process so easy. I can't say enough about Deloitte.

But I can say, "thanks"!!

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