Friday, March 26, 2010

Typhoid Fever pills.....

I was supposed to take the first of my Typhoid Fever pills this morning. They have to be refrigerated, because they are supposedly the "live virus" kind. Isn't that kind of scary, honestly? Injesting a horse-sized capsule with a *live* Typhus virus living inside of it??

I must have had a mental block... It has to be taken on an empty stomach, and I remembered only after I had consumed half of my latte at Starbucks. Funny...I was sitting there, in my usual spot by the door...sipping my coffee, reading the paper...and I started to get a big lump in my throat and began to tear up. Not exactly "sadness", mind you...kind of a blend of happiness and being scared all at once. I sure am going to miss a lot of the "creature comforts" of home... I'm sure I'll find some new places to have coffee... but - it's a little sad just the same.

The Typhoid pills came with little stickers for the bathroom mirror...and a bright-orange rubber bracelet (like the yellow Lance Armstrong ones...) to remind you to take your pills. It's take one...skip a day, take another, skip a day...for four pills in the cycle... I guess I'll go get the stickers and wear the stupid bracelet...

My fraternity brother, Kelly Quiggle told me that when he went to China, he had to get all of the vaccinations...

What did he say on Facebook??

"The Typhoid vaccine literally made me the most sick I have ever been in my life. It felt like someone ripped out my internal organs, steam rolled them, and then threw them through a wood chipper.

Have fun!"

Nice, Kelly... I can't wait to start!!

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