Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just "Monkeying" Around (Photo and Video Links)

I'm storing up some new ideas for later blogs this week...(not hard to do around here...there is something bizarre that happens around here at least once a day!!)

In the meantime, here are some links to Facebook Photo Albums and three short YouTube Videos!

Thanks for all your kind comments about this blog.  For us, it's a labor of love.  And we love all of you!

Facebook Photos: Air Shipment, Hussein Sagar, Bee at the Park

Facebook Photos: Our Air Shipment Arrived!!!

More Facebook Photos: Random House Shots - Waiting on the Monsoon

Some Hyderabad Photos... (Featuring pics of the BIGGEST BATS you have ever seen...and I don't mean "Cricket" bats!!)

Video: Waitin' for the monsoon!!!!

Video: The monsoon arrives....

Video: Hyderabad Sightseeeing - Day ONE  (Suzanne's first weekend off!  Short road-trip to Hussein Sagar Lake!) 

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  1. That's awesome Father Scott! Who knew the blackberry could take decent video!