Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kangaroo Island (continued)...

Our second day on K.I. was by far the most fun day we had on the trip so far - that is if "fun" can be measured purely on the amount of laughter in a day! Although it was the holiday season and it was "all hands on deck" when it came to the local tour-guides...our first guide, Shirley, had the day-off, and we got tour-guide Greg, instead.  Greg was a great guide, a good bloke, "true-blue fair dinkum Aussie to the bone, mate.... very knowledgeable about the Island. And also...well - he was pretty hard of hearing!! This made for a pretty fun day, right there. We were accompanied by a lady who was also staying at the same bed and breakfast... she was from Denmark or Norway or Sweden ..I forget. She was actually pretty forgettable, herself. Kind of a sour-puss.  But the best part was when we stopped and picked-up "the girls"... Two twin sisters from Minnesota, both former professional basketball players, one living in Sydney full-time...the other visiting for the holidays.  Twins in general are a trip. These two were hilarious - a real hoot!!

We drove around a bit (the sisters had a bit of a leg-room issue, as you can imagine)...and it wasn't long until we had all gone out for a bit of a walk... Then, with another lighthouse on the horizon, Amy went for a walk down the trail with the "Minnesota Twins" and the other lady.  Our guide and I went on ahead to a rocky point where there were seals mating and playing and fighting down below a stairway/walkway. I walked down to see the seals (not sea-lions - these were fur-seals!) The males were having some real brutal fights down below me...I could have stood there and watched all day. Greg the Guide waited for the girls to come down..and then we all went down to the so-called "Admiral's Arch" - one of the prettiest beach-scenes I have ever seen. It was awesome!

After our hike, it was time to head off to another "must-see" spot on the island...the "Remarkable Rocks" - a very cool place for sure. "Remarkable"?? Well...you can decide...see the second Facebook Photo Album below (Kangaroo Island Rocks!) When we were finished climbing all over the rocks...we went off for the best late-lunch steak BBQ of the whole trip.

But the best part of the day? We sang a lot of songs!! It seemed that any time a new subject came up,s it wa time to sing again! Whenever a word would come up that reminded us of a song, we'd start a signing. Waltzing Matilda? You bet!  Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport ? Absolutely! At lunch I am sure there was more than singing, I do believe there was even some dancing going on!!

Totally beat, it was time to trade e-mail addresses and make plans to get together with the sisters in Sydney for a Big Bash Cricket Match... Then back to the B&B for a nice steak (yeah - we were still eating beef with every meal!) and get a good night's sleep for our final day on Kangaroo Island!

Here are three photo albums from our second day on K.I. - - stay tuned for more!!

Second Day On Kangaroo Island

More Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Rocks!


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