Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Family Day in San Francisco (Part Three)

Our Sunday in the Bay Area was scheduled to be a family-day.  Dr. Wong's office in Orinda was closed...and Amy Suzanne and her two sisters (Paula and Nancy) were planning on a "spa day" down in Palo Alto.  It was to be quite a homecoming.  Except for a brief visit to our hotel room on the day we arrived, Amy had not seen her sisters (except for a couple of Skype-calls via the Internet) since the Christmas before we left for India (December, 2009).  She was really looking forward to it...

By the looks of the photos and the stories that continued into the night, it would seem that the three of them had a wonderful time... (see photo album below)

I spent the morning at the hotel, drinking a Starbucks Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and watching NFL football - on a Sunday, for a change...just as God intended it, and not at 1:00 A.M. or 5:00 A.M. on Monday as we have to do it in Hyderabad.  The Colts surprised the Packers and the 49ers crushed the Buffalo Bills.  I had forgotten...with all of the other things going on in San Francisco that weekend, the Niners  vs. Bills game at Candlestick Park was part of the mad crunch as well....there were lots of TV people, the flight-crew for the Bills and lots of people wearing Buffalo Bills gear were at the hotel in the morning.  Our fellow ex-pat friends from Deloitte (India) found their way to Candlestick and scalped a couple of tickets for the blowout game.

I did as the doctor had ordered me to do...I spent the day on the carpeted floor laying with a tennis-ball under my butt-cheek... it seemed to be helping, but I was far from out-of-the-woods.  I still had pain when I walked or stood in one place for any time.  I now knew how far it was to the Powell Street BART station, but I was unsure if I could make it... The Giants were due to play Game Two of their National League Divisional Series against the I wasn't sure how busy the BART was going to be, with the Niners game letting out and the stadium for the baseball game filling up.  I was due to leave for the southern end of The City to meet the rest of the Family...brothers-in-law John and Mitch... and Amy and her two sisters when they returned from the spa.  I think we had a dinner reservation at 6:30 P.M. at a place around the corner from John and Paula's... I opted to have lunch at Johnny Foley's Irish House and ordered up a car-service for around 5:00 P.M. to take me down south.

Walking to the car I found that I was experiencing some relief from my back pain...I had a pleasant drive down to Oak Park...and when I got out of the car, I navigated the steps at my brother-in-law's house with no pain at all! Of course I had my trusty tennis ball with me just in case.

We all met up at the house...and I walked to the restaurant relatively pain-free once again!!  This was real progress!!  The meal was fantastic (I had some jambalaya or gumbo, can't remember which, with some good local ale)...and we all went back to the house to share some of the virtually undrinkable Sula Indian Cabernet we brought to share (just so our family would know just how tragic the wine situation is in Hyderabad).  We had a Skype-session with Alexis (Mitch and Nan's daughter who is away at college in Colorado) which was really fun.  And then we talked about pans for Alexis' college graduation next June.  Unbelieveable.  When Amy and I were first dating, Alexis was seven-years-old!!

Brother-in-Law Mitch was nice enough to give us a lift downtown to the Hilton...a journey made more pleasant by the two of us sharing terrible puns and jokes about Jewish mohels.  "Did you hear about the mohel who got a job at the circus circumcising elephants? The pay is lousy, but the tips are HUGE!"

Tomorrow would be Monday...I hoped that I would get my new orthotics for my shoes...and Amy's Deloitte meetings were due to begin.  For certain we would learn the way to Orinda and back on the BART line!!

Photo Album: Amy's Spa Day in Palo Alto - 2012


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