Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Last Day in Singapore (#4 of 4)

Our last day got off to a slow start, but we had pretty much seen all we had come to see....except for the Harry Potter Experience which was (and still is, until 30 September!!) at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum.  The St. Regis where we were staying is fairly far away from that end of the city...so we decided to use the last-day of our Duck and Hippo Tour Bus passes to get over there.  It was well after-noon when we finally got it together enough to hit the road.

I do have one complaint about the St. Regis.  They severely over-sell their breakfast package...the restaurant  is so packed in the morning that there's a half-hour wait for the buffet.  I actually asked to see the food and beverage manager to tell him that I was displeased...except for the one morning where they sat me outside by the pool on a steamy and rainy Saturday morning...neither of us could wait for the buffet and didn't partake, although it was "included" in the rate we paid.

I must say that the manager made a "nice save" when he seated me at a table in an adjoining dining area and bought me breakfast "off the menu" - anything I wanted.  That was fair...but they really ought to warn people about the size of their restaurant...it's awfully small for a hotel of that size and prestige!!

We made our way to the "Starbucks across the street from the other Starbucks" (it's not just a cliche - it's real here...literally right across the street from one another!) and enjoyed a couple of vanilla lattes...and walked across the street to the Hippo double-decker bus stop.  It was pretty muggy again, but - we still sat topside with a bunch of other people.  We made it to the Hippo office and changed bus-lines to get over toward the Marina Sands Hotel area and the Harry Potter exhibit.

We walked around the area where the casino, the museum, the HUGE convention center (probably the best place I've ever seen to hold a convention of any kind, any size! It is amazing!!_I wanted to check out the casino, but they require a passport and background-check (on site) to enter. Glad Las Vegas doesn't have any such rule! All I wanted to do was have a look inside, but - according to the large man in the shiny suit, "no dice". (Pardon the pun)

The Harry Potter exhibit was actually all I expected it to be, and more.  Unfortunately, there was a strictly enforced "no photography rule" - - Amy managed to take two quick snapshots just outside of the entrance...the photos are included in the Facebook Album below.  I think Amy actually enjoyed it, too - although she's not nearly the Potterhead that I am.  It was mostly original costumes and props from the movies...with an interactive Quidditch quaffle-toss and an area where you could pluck-up a screaming Mandrake root!

After the exhibit...we decided that we really should go to the top of the observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel called the SkyPark. Like just about everything else in Singapore...this was going to be a costly adventure.  It was $20.00 per person (!!) to ride the elevator to the top...where we were severely limited as to where we could go.  The view from up top was spectacular!! However: the beautiful pool...off limits.  The bar and restaurant - off-limits unless you have made a reservation...probably a month in advance.  There was a standing-bar...where we ordered one Cosmopolitan and one Tiger Beer...the cost almost floored me!!  $53.00, not including tip!! Needless to say, we didn't stick around for a second drink...opting instead to take a taxi back to the St. Regis and hit the Astor Bar one last time.

We killed some time the next day (best told in pictures, included below)...had some coffee, some lunch and a few beers...and then headed for the Changi Airport for the flight home.  Overall - it was a trip I am glad we took...I don't know if I'd go back unless there was a very good reason.  I would certainly recommend the trip for a 2-3 day excursion...but - there really wasn't much else we needed to see by the time we left...

Marina Bay Sands and Harry Potter Experience

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