Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Indian E.R. Visit...

First of all... PLEASE DO NOT WORRY - - I AM JUST FINE!!  I just had a wee-bit of a "scare" last night is all.  We are still not exactly sure what it was...perhaps some stress from Amy packing to leave for the U.S. for three weeks (I believe this will be the second-longest amount of time we've ever been apart in almost twelve years of marriage - - the first being when she came to Hyderabad the first time in may of 2009!).  Perhaps it's the fact that I have not asked my doctors at home about the possibility of "dialing down" my blood-pressure medicine now that I'm down twenty-five kilograms (that's about fifty-five pounds for you that are "metrically challenged").  Maybe it was the proverbial "something I ate"...  Perhaps it was a good old-fashioned panic-attack from realizing that I'm 8,700-miles away from my doctor in a land where 911 has not been invented yet!!  Who knows...?

But here's the story:  Yesterday was Amy's day-off - Monday.  As usual, we hung out together in the morning and about Noon, we decided to go have lunch at Beyond Coffee, one of our most favored haunts over in Jubilee Hills.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened, we both had our usual salads and a coffee-latte... We chatted with Vivek, the owner and his lovely daughter.  It came time to leave and -  when I stood up, I almost had to sit right back down again because I got hit by a wave of dizziness that really took me by surprise!  I caught up to Suzanne as she neared the end of the patio and we headed into the parking-lot to get in the car.

I didn't say anything to her.  I figured I just stood up too fast...or something.

We came back home and - I was still sort of dizzy after the drive back to Banjara Hills.  We went up the stairs to our bedroom...as usual on her "day off" - Amy Francis had a ton of e-mails to answer...and I decided that I should and try and take a nap, (or a "snap" - as our yoga-instructor, Neeraj, calls them!)

Time for yoga arrived, and we went down the stairs and found Neeraj waiting for us in the "basement".  When I got down on my yoga mat, I felt really dizzy again.  I decided to lay back and see if it passed.  It didn't - so - I excused myself to go upstairs again to lie on the bed again.  Amy did yoga with Neeraj...and I tried to watch some T.V.  When she finished...she came back to the bedroom and asked me how I was.

I said that "I really wasn't doing that well, to be perfectly honest".  I was still very dizzy, even when I was laying flat on my back.  I got up several times...mostly to check to see if it still made me dizzy.  My rotator cuff injury is much better, but from time-to-time it causes pain in my left arm.  Now I'm starting to worry.

Worry turned into panic when I Googled "dizziness and left arm pain".  Sure enough, the first thing I read says: "Dizziness can be the sign of a heart-attack."  Same thing, of course, regarding pain in the left arm..." which I now was sure was real and NOT psychosomatic.

You have to know that "denial" is the biggest killer when it comes to heart attacks.  My dad did it when he had his first heart attack and it almost cost him his life.  I know this, but my head kept saying it was just indigestion.  The more my arm hurt, the more I panicked, however.  I told Amy that if it kept hurting I was going to have to go to the hospital.  I hate hospitals...and the idea of going to a hospital in Hyderabad only added to the stress and panic.

Amy was a star (as usual!).  She calmly told me to put on my shoes and that we should go... "just to check it out...let's see what it's all about." 

One more dizzy-spell and shooting pain down my arm was all it took.  I put on my shoes and we called Krishna to come downstairs and drive us to the Apollo Hospital Emergency Room in Jubilee Hills....

(To be continued....)


  1. I liked your theory about needing to reduce the blood pressure meds after losing weight. (I had episodes of dizziness for that reason a year or so ago.) But this pain shooting down the left arm has me worried. Tell me things work out fine in Part 2...

  2. Burger, been there, done that....twice. Always better to have it checked out though, 'cause we are not getting any younger. -Mack

  3. Congrats on the weight reduct - glad you're alright!!!!! Thanks for sharing!